2-5 Nov 2017

Televised River (with Ioannis Koliopoulos), organized by Maria Nicolacopoulou, Hospital Maria Regina Adelaide 

Turin, Italy


12 Sept 2017

Audio Visual (A/V), curated by Amanda Schmitt


9-10 Sept 2017

SuperLiv/fe, A Performative Exhibition,  fffriedrich

Frankfurt, Germany


31 Aug 2017

Too Soon: New Acquisitions Screening, Video Out, VIVO Media Arts Center

Vancouver, Canada 


9 Aug 2017

King of the Cockroaches, Screening, Hercules Art Center

New York, NY


April 2017

Maria Antelman at Melanie Flood Projects, Art in America, Review by Robert Rhee


17 Feb – 27 April 2017

Videonale.16 -Festival for Video and Time Based Arts, Kunstmuseum Bonn

Bonn, Germany


March 2017

Your Touch, Maria Antelman’s Command, Interview with Brandon Johnson at zingchat


27 Jan – 25 Feb 2017

My Touch, Your Command, My Touch, Your Command, Melanie Flood Projects (solo)

Portland, OR