10 December – 27 February 2020

Soft Interface (solo), curated by Rachel Adams, Bemis Center for Contemporary Art, Omaha NB

Launching 21 September 2020

Companion Pieces: New Photography 2020, curated by Lucy Gallun, The Museum of Modern Art, New York

April 2020

Enter: New Commissions Created in 120 Hours at Home by The Onassis Foundation

13 February-13 April 2020

Omississimo, Galeria Cavalo, Rio de Janeiro

3 February-1 March 2020 

Edge Cloud, organized by Alexandra Lerman, Solyanka Gallery, Moscow

5-8 December 2019

NADA Miami, Ice Palace Studios, Melanie Flood Projects

13 November 2019

In Maria Antelman’s Work, Technology Is More Than Just a Tool, by Lydia Pyne,

9 November 2019-30 January 2020

Tan Pronto Como Si No Fuera, curated by Pedro Torres, Centro Nacional De Arte Contemporaneo Cerillos, Santiago, Chile

6 October-2 November 2019

Incidental Gestures (with Jules Gimbrone), Melanie Flood Projects, Portland OR

20 September-6 December 2019

Mechanisms of Affection (solo), curated by Taylor Bradley, Visual Arts Center, University of Texas, Austin TX

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