The Amateurs (2012)
HD Video with Sound, 8 min

The Amateurs shows a group of cameras and people gathered in an arena waiting for an event to take place. In the center of the arena there is a concrete and steel crash wall for destructive testing, used by automotive companies to test how their vehicles will respond to impacts. An impact never takes place, instead the video focuses on the moments of expectation. Cameras are recording and people are watching. A closed loop is activated between the human watcher-subjects and the digital-mechanical documentation devices. From a loudspeaker, a voice unilaterally communicates with the crowd on various subjects, including controlling one’s dreams, fears and desires. Unknown to them, The Amateurs, who wait expectantly, become the spectated. Ultimately unfulfilled, they are dreaming and are being dreamt at the same time in an interminable nightmare of waiting.


Installation View …But The Clouds… (2013), Room East, New York